The Stitchionary: quick video tutorials for hand embroidery stitches

Guide to hand sewing
What's a Stitchionary? It's a name I made up to describe the dictionary of stitches I created to give you a taste of what you could learn.

We teach hand embroidery stitches as part of our beginnners course. I provide students with a video that they can watch after the class to remind them what we’ve learnt during that lesson.

But rather than keep this to myself, I’ve decided to compile them on this website as a taster of what you can learn with us.

From backstitch to running stitch, zigzag to the baffling French knot, I’ve included a selection of videos here for you to have a go, or if you’ve not sewn since you were at school, maybe it’s time for a reminder.

Visit the stitches page here: A guide to basic hand embroidery stitches.

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