What is a twinchie? You may wish you hadn't asked once the addiction to making them bites.

Twinchies are two by two inch squares of embroidered fabric that are a great introduction to quiltmaking for beginners.

Their cousin, the inchie, is a smaller one by one inch square, requiring nimble fingers and laser sharp concentration. Well worth a try!

Since I’ve learned about twinchies, they’ve become my secret addiction. Can’t wait to make more.


Twinchies are a great way to use up scraps of fabric.

There are other sizes you can make as well. Four by four inches (fourbies), two by two inches (twinchies), or the smallest size you can make is one by one inch (an inchie).

You can use erasable fabric pens to draw around template squares on the back of scraps of fabric.

In the video, you can see I’ve managed to create inchies and twinchies from the back of an old scrap of denim.

I really like doing this part of the process. It’s a bit like doing a jigsaw and it’s great thinking that you can use up all your scraps of fabric.

I use an erasable pen but you could use a pencil or anything that you have. After I’ve drawn around the template, I carefully cut out my twinchie.

You can start off with a pile of scrap fabric destined to be thrown away and end up with a very satisfying neat pile of fabric squares. And this forms the basis of your inchies and twinchies.

In the video, I’m using denim fabric, but the easiest fabric to use is felt as it doesn’t fray. If you don’t want to the denim to fray, you can back it with interfacing, but that’s not always necessary just use what you have.

And now what do you do when you’ve created your fabric squares?

Well, you can create a very simple design:

  • Fold one of the felt inchies in half, draw half of a heart shape and then cut around it with scissors so that you end up with a small heart.
  • Place that in the middle of your twinchie and using a very simple running stitch, you can stitch it in place. Twinchies can be as simple and as complicated as you wish, depending on your sewing skills.

Once you’ve made one, it’s very addictive and you’ll want to make lots more. If you’re choosing a very simple design like this, you could make it a bit different by choosing alternating colours. Here I’ve used denim and felt and I’ve alternated it to make four twinchies.

You can do the same with the inchies. Inchies are fun to do as they are on a much smaller scale. I’m using the same design here as I used with the twinchies. I’m using a very simple running stitch to stitch them on top of the background.

You can also use bold colours. In the video, I’ve used denim and a very neon coloured yellow. To make each twinchie a bit different, I’ve sewn a bead onto the top. The stitches are very simple again: running stitch and overstitch.

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