How to attach twinchies or inchies to a background

When you've made a handful of twinchies, what do you do with them? Make a wallhanging, cushion cover, decorate a bag. The choice is endless.

Twinchies (2 x 2 inch squares of fabric) and inchies (1×1 inch squares) are a great way to use up scrap materials. Here are a few ideas on what to do with them once you’ve finished.

  • Attach them to a piece of fabric and make them into a wallhanging. There are several stitches that you can use to do this: overstitch, backstitch, running stitch, blanket stitch, zigzag stitch and even chain stitch would work.
  • ‘Frame’ them with another piece of contrasting material that’s slightly larger.
  • Add a textured piece of fabric behind the twinchies, such as hessian and fray the edges and attach this onto another piece of fabric.
  • Create a wallhanging by adding two loops. Insert a pole or even a stick, wrap twine around it and hang on your wall.
  • Twinchies can decorate many textiles, such as cushion covers, quilts, and even fabric book covers.
  • Once you’ve added the twinchie to the background, you can continue adding embroidery that links several twinchies together. (See the gallery of images for an example).

If you like the idea of creating twinchies, we offer a twinchie course for complete beginners to embroidery. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates.

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