A monochromatic colour scheme focuses on a single colour and its various tints, shades and tones. You can place various colours of fabric together and see what various colour combinations you’re happy with.

I like to experiment with uniform lines and random placement of fabric scraps. Adding the denim is not strictly monochromatic as the other colours that I’ve used here are grey and white, but the feel is still of a monochrome scheme: calm and neutral.

When you’re happy with the colour scheme, pin everything and stitch it in place. Here I’ve finished stitching the first layer and I’m adding back the second layer of fabric scraps and I’m going to stitch them in place using an accent colour.

The accent colour I’ve chosen is a vibrant pink and I’m going to add it as a running stitch going vertically up through the scraps of fabric.

Adding an accent colour to a monochrome background can really make it pop. Accent colours are usually vibrant colours that contrast with the rest of the scheme.

If you’re not sure where to place the accent colour or thread, you can try laying thread on top to see what you’re happy with. I decided I preferred to keep my final design minimal.

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