Satin stitch is a classic filler stitch. I recommend an embroidery hoop for this type of stitch.
  • Draw an outline of the shape you want to embroider in satin stitch.
  • Come up from the back of the fabric and make a diagonal stitch across the shape.
  • Continue making stitches underneath the shape you’ve just made making sure that they’re close together and they fit within the border that you’ve just drawn.
  • Fill in the bottom half of the shape first, making the stitches smaller and smaller until you’ve completed the bottom half of the leaf. Then come up at the middle again and continue to fill the rest of the shape of the leaf.
  • If you found that difficult, create a border of stitches first using back stitch, or you could use outline stitch or split stitch, and continue to fill the shape in the middle as you did with the first leaf. Sometimes people find this easier because they find it’s easier to follow the shape within a border of stitches.

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