Before Ralph, my tweedy, fabric-scraps bear, came into existence my insomnia was exhausting me.

Would you like these fabric samples? Maybe you could use them in a sewing project.

A friend said to me a few months ago…

I had the lockdown blues and hadn’t been sleeping well. My friend handed me several books of fabric from his loft and some from the garage. The fabric was beautiful and because it consisted of samples was in various colours, patterns and types: tweed, linen, cotton, silk, tartan, plain, plush velvet and embroidered silk. I wasn’t sure what I would do with them, but I was sure that I’d think of something.

The fabric was the right size to make a stuffed toy and that’s when Ralph came to life. He is made from these fabric samples, old buttons for his eyes and joints and completely hand sewn. I have a sewing machine but handsewing has always calmed me and been a lot less frustrating than dealing with a machine that jams.

Cutting out the fabric, sewing it together and stuffing it to bring Ralph to life helped me forget about lockdown, be in the moment and feel like this was just a normal day.

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