It can feel difficult sometimes to come up with your own design for your embroidery. Here are 5 tips that can inspire you.

When it comes to designing your own embroidery project, working on a small scale such as with a twinchie (a 2 by 2 inch square) can really free you up to come up with new ideas. The simpler you make the design on such a small scale the better. Here are 5 ways to feel inspired when you don’t feel confident about your drawing skills.

1: Create a simple symmetrical design.

If you really feel stuck, try to think of your design as just a pattern. I created a simple symmetrical design, based on the pattern of a sea urchin. All it is a simple circle with a sequin sewn into the middle and sequins and beads that radiate out from the centre. I painted the design first in my art journal by drawing around circular objects and using a dotting tool.

2: Create simple shapes and layer them.

In another page in my art journal, I had fun with the theme of passion flowers. You can use shapes as a basis to create another design. I cut out simple shapes from felt and placed them on top of each other. I sewed them in place and then added embroidery stitches on top. You can repeat this idea as many times as you like for different results.

3: Find inspiration from existing designs.

Use collage, images from Pinterest or even from packaging to create your design. I created a butterfly design based on a collage that I glued into my art journal. I also stitched a mushroom based on the collage but I changed the colours slightly.

4: Create a simple abstract design.

In a previous video about using a monochrome colour scheme, I showed how I created an abstract pattern using scraps of fabric. I deliberately chose a monochrome background so that I could make the accent colour pop.

5: Use photos as a reference.

I took a photo of snowdrops when I was out on a walk. I used the photograph as a guide to my final design. Photos are a great source of inspiration and you can even trace elements to add to your design.

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