Create a handmade card for the festive season full of glitter, snowmen and robins.

Consider reusing packaging for this project. You will need a sheet of acetate or plastic for the front part of the card, so you could use the plastic ‘window’ of a box.

Download the template for the snowglobe shape:

You will need:

  • Gold or silver card with a white back
  • Sheet of acetate or stiff plastic from packaging
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • card toppers and stickers (such as snowmen, snowflakes, robins etc)
  • pens, coloured pencils or paint to decorate the inside
  • stickers or stamps with a greeting (optional)
  1. Print and cut out the template and use it to draw the shape on to gold card and the sheet of plastic or acetate.

2. Cut out the shapes ready to assemble. Fold the gold card and glue the sheet of plastic in place.

3. Decorate the inside of the card with the card toppers and pens.

4. Add snowflakes (optional) to the front of the plastic sheet.

5. Add a greeting to the front of the card using stickers or stamps.

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