In this edited version of a live talk, I show how to make a flower from tissue paper and a pipe cleaner.

Here’s what you’ll need:
Pencil and ruler
6 x A5 sheets tissue paper
Pipe cleaner

If you’re not sure what A5 size is, it’s a height of 21cm (8 1/4 inches) or 15cm (6 inches).

  1. Start with two pieces of green tissue paper first and mark 2cm (just less than an inch) from the edge. Do that on both sides and then draw a line to use as a guide.
  2. Fold along the line you’ve just drawn. And then fold the opposite way like a consertina. You may find that there’s a bit on the end so you can cut that extra bit off. Now take your folded tissue and cut a curve at both ends.
  3. Repeat with each of the colours, but cut different shapes at the ends. This means the variety of flowers you can make is endless.
  4. When you’ve got the three shapes, you’re going to layer them. What I do is put the colour that I want to be in the centre of the flower on the bottom. This is the fiddly bit. The colour you want to be underneath your flower you put that on top. So you should have all your tissue sitting on top of each other.
  5. Fold your tissue in half so you know what the centre line is. You take your pipe cleaner and the colour you want to be in the centre of the flower, have at the top and then fold your pipe cleaner around.
  6. Now you have to tease out the tissue paper from the folds.

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