Creating homemade gift tags can be a great recycling project. These are Christmas gift tags, but you can use this idea for birthdays or for any other gifts. Just change the decoration.

Cut a piece of packaging to the required size and add a layer of glue.

Tear strips of paper and glue them to the background, using PVA white glue with a little bit of water added.

This is a great way of using up off cuts of paper from other projects.

Keep layering the paper until you’re happy with the results. Leave it to dry. When it’s dry turn it over and use a ruler, a craft knife and a cutting mat to trim the edges from the back.

If you have a template, put it over the top and dab with ink to create a pattern.

When it’s dry cut it into pieces to create tags of the required size.

If you have a corner punch use that to make the corners round.

Use whatever you have to create a hole at the top of the tag and set an eyelet into it. I’m using a tool called a Crop-a-dile but if you don’t have anything like then you could use a hole punch or an awl or anything that’s suitable just to make a hole. Use old christmas cards or whatever you have to decorate on top.

The tags don’t have to be used for christmas. They could be used for a birthday. The final step is to add ribbon or string to the tag and then it’s ready to add to your present or gift.

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