One of our most popular and enjoyable courses for beginners, our hand embroidery course is taught as a live session online using live demos, videos and Q&As.

We’ve run this beginners hand embroidery course several times over the years and our students have become diehard fans of the twinchie, a modest 2 x 2 inch square of fabric that can spark creativity in anyone.

You mean you’ve never heard of a twinchie? It’s the gateway to learning embroidery that’s joyfully addictive and doesn’t require lots of expensive kit.

During the course, students learn:

  • 6 basic embroidery stitches, from backstitch to French knots
  • Simple applique techniques
  • Adding beads, sequins or buttons to your design
  • Ideas for making more twinchies after the course

Learn more about twinchies in our video: What is a twinchie? And how do I make one?

Our beginners hand embroidery workshop is for 2 hours. We teach the course live via Zoom and use video, live demonstrations and encourage our students to ask questions as they go along. Classes are limited to smaller groups.

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