Landscapes are not just daytime scenes. Here's one with a dramatic full moon created using mixed media.

This is an easy landscape painting to create with mixed media. If you want to create something similiar, here are the steps and the items needed.

You will need:

  • Blue watercolour (I used Cobalt Blue) and large brush
  • Cloth or napkin
  • White conte crayon (or white pastel or white coloured pencil)
  • Indigo blue coloured pencil
  • Black ink and brush (I used a calligraphy brush, but any medium-sized brush will do)
  • Black charcoal pencil (or use a soft pencil)

Step 1: Paint the background with blue watercolour paint and before it’s dry use a cloth to lift off the paint to create a round shape. Dab the rest of the background with a cloth to create the texture of soft clouds.

Step 2: Use white conte crayon to highlight the round moon shape.

Step 3: Use the dark blue or indigo coloured pencil to darken the background around the blue moon shape. Use a finger to blend it in.

Step 4: Paint trees with the calligraphy brush and ink.

Step 5: Add in more detail with the charcoal pencil over the top of the moon.

Tip: You will find that the ink reacts with the white conte crayon and flakes off the surface when dry. If you don’t like this effect, miss out the step with the conte crayon.

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