Grey is a very popular colour at the moment, particularly in home decor. To the point where some have named it ‘greige’ (a combination of ‘beige’ and ‘grey’), suggesting that it’s just as boring as beige. But grey, like all the other colours, needs some love.

I once attended a botanical illustration course where the teacher was very strict about how you mix colours.

One of the things she said was: NEVER USE BLACK OR WHITE WITH WATERCOLOURS!! (Yes she was a bit scary.)

What?! So how do you create a darker shade or a lighter one? What about mixing neutrals like grey? Well, I explore this idea in my latest short video (go on watch it, it’ll only take a minute of your time).

Even if you don’t paint or use watercolours, it’s useful to know about neutral colours like grey.

Yes it is possible to mix a grey colour with paint and not use black. You can mix all the primary colours together and add more blue than red and yellow. Give it a try and see what happens.

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