Mark making is a very easy way to start drawing. You can use pencils, pens, ink, brushes, charcoal, even feathers!

The hardest thing to overcome when you want to learn to draw and paint is the belief that you ‘can’t draw’.

What’s interesting about this belief is that if you wanted to learn something else let’s say playing a banjo, you wouldn’t start with the belief that ‘I can’t play a banjo’ and therefore ‘I never will be able to play a banjo’. You would take lessons knowing that it’s something you could potentially learn.

It’s the same with drawing. You need to learn to walk before you can run. That’s where learning mark making techniques comes in. It’s a bit like learning scales before you learn to play a tune but a lot more fun to do (personally, I hated learning scales at school!)

We’ve been doing live sessions on Facebook every week and one of those was to demonstrate mark making techniques. This is an edited video of the live session we did about mark making using pencils, pens, charcoal, ink and even feathers!


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