Add a library pocket to your art journal

When I was a kid, my mum would take me to the library, I would choose a book and then get it stamped with the date by the librarian. Stamps, library pockets and library cards have long since disappeared.

In this project, you can recreate the look of a retro library book. Just download the library pocket template and follow the steps.

  • Print out the library pocket template and cut it out.
  • Use the template to draw around and cut out the paper that you want to use.
  • Fold the paper along the dotted lines and glue at the front of your art journal.
  • Cut out the library card and mount onto card (I used a postcard). Trim the edge and round the corners. Use distress ink or tea and coffee to age the card.
  • Place the card in your library pocket at the front of the journal.
  • Create a name for your journal and add it to the pocket and card.

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